Video: Fil Bo Riva - Time Is Your Gun

12 juli 2018, 10:53 | Jeroen

De band Fil Bo Riva met frontman Filippo Bonamici bracht vorige week de single Time is your Gun uit en heeft en nu een video bij gemaakt. Op 4 oktober staat Fil Bo Riva in Cinetol, Amsterdam.

Fil Bo Riva

Since the start, we wanted to record a live session rather than a proper music video for Time Is Your Gun. We always felt the song to be very energetic and live based… so we wanted to give people an impression of how powerful the song actually is. We chose Funkhaus for the video since we recorded our very first live session for Like Eye Did in the same studio and always enjoy being at this magical place. We really wanted to get the same feel and warmth for the new video.”

Time Is Your Gun is a song that somehow became a bridge between the EP and the upcoming debut album. I came up with the title sometime after the EP was recorded and soon after I started collecting bits and pieces of words, ideas and different thoughts about things I’d been through. During the same time I had just met Felix and one day we found ourselves jamming in a rehearsal room… somehow after a few hours we had this song done without knowing we were writing one. I don’t wanna sound too romantic, but I remember that the first chords we ever played were these ones. Until today we usually open our concerts with this track – the energy we get from it is unique.

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