NDT dansers presenteert Switch Streams Vol. 2

25 april 2020, 10:07 | Jeroen

Na het succes van de eerste editie van Switch Streams op 16 april jl. presenteren de NDT-dansers een tweede editie van het programma met maar liefst 14 nieuwe werken gemaakt door 19 dansers van het gezelschap in hun eigen woonkamers. Net als de eerste editie, is Switch Streams Vol.2 een avondvullende voorstelling via Zoom, die live wordt uitgezonden op de Facebookpagina van NDT op zaterdag 2 mei vanaf 20.00 uur (CET). Tien minuten voorafgaand gaan de digitale deuren al open en worden de kijkers verwelkomd. De presentatie is wederom in handen van NDT 1-danser Roger Van der Poel.

Première 2 mei 2020, 20.00 uur (CET) NDT Facebook Live
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Initiatiefnemer en NDT 1- danser Paxton Ricketts: Switch Streams is an initiative that was born out of a need. During this time of self-isolation, we missed the feeling of unity that comes with live performance, both as performers and as audience; experiencing an event along with countless others, all at the same time. We had a huge learning curve putting together the first Switch Streams. It was intense to figure out how to use all the tools necessary, and to organize ourselves from afar. The feeling of being alone, in your living room, then all of a sudden you are performing in front of thousands of people is bizarre. The space transforms without you meaning for it to. You are transported. Then when the piece ends, you don’t step offstage. The space simply transforms back into your living room, as if nothing happened. Switch Streams brings a unique sense of intimacy, that is hard to find elsewhere during this crisis. With a second edition we hope to present an even smoother, and more imaginative performance. Wherever they are, and whatever they are going through, we hope to transport people to our living rooms. To experience something together, if only for a few minutes.

NDT 1- danser en lid van het Switch Streams team Sebastian Kristensen Haynes: Now the training wheels are off, and we are diving deeper. The dancers and choreographers are researching, and this time we are bringing out even more of our colleagues to join us along the journey. We hope that these moments during this time will help us to experience the uniting feelings of live performance once again.

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